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Vulnerable Sector Screening


We search the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), for the following information on applicants:

  • Criminal record (adult, including summary offences)
  • Findings of not guilty by reason of mental disorder
  • Probation, prohibition and other judicial orders which are in effect
  • Pardoned Sexual Offences, listed in the schedule to the Criminal Records Act
  • Apprehension by Police, under the Mental Health Act

How do I know if I need Vulnerable Sector Screening?

If your employees have contact with children, the elderly, or the infirm, you need Vulnerable Sector Screening.

Why do I need Vulnerable Sector Screening:

If your employees or volunteers come in contact with anyone in the “vulnerable sector”, such as children, the elderly, or the inferm, it’s socially responsible. Any persons coming in contact with the members of the “vulnerable sector” must have Vulnerable Sector Screening completed a minimum of every 2 years.
Know whom you are hiring before you give them access to children and other persons requiring specialized care. Again, you want these very sensitive reports to be thorough and complete – 3CI is committed to providing fast & accurate reports!

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